Tissue culture

In most species of geophytes, the formation of bulbs, corms and tubers is an important stage during tissue culture because only the storage organs of these species show high rooting capacity and further growth in the field. TULIPS.GR focuses on the in vitro pilot propagation of Greek tulip species, allowing the production of elite material for mass propagation and formation of bulbs through tissue culture. The results will be the basis for the subsequent tissue culture of rare, protected and/or threatened species of Greek tulips.

Representative image of the bulb disinfection phase for four Greek species of tulip (Tulipa saxatilis, T. clusiana, T. sylvestris and T. orphanidea) in 3% NaOCl solution.
In vitro germination of seeds of Tulipa undulatifolia in a special growth chamber.
In vitro establishment of Greek tulip bulbs in jars with nutrient solution

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