Coordinator of the TULIPS.GR project is Dr. Nikolaos Krigas (Researcher) and Scientifically Responsible is Dr. George Tsoktouridis (Researcher).
The Core Coordination Committee (CCC) deciding for all project issues consists of the Project Coordinator (PC), the project’s Scientifically Responsible officer (PSR), the University Principal Investigators (PIs) and the representatives of the participating companies (CRs).

PC is responsible for (a) the smooth running of the work packages, (b) the faithful implementation of the timetable, (c) the monitoring of the budget, (d) the coordination of the deliverables and (e) the communication with the funding agency (EYDE ETAK).

PSR is responsible for (a) experimental design of the research, (b) selection and coordination of participating scientists (new positions), (c) greenhouse and field experimentation, (d) synthesis of experimental data and (e) reporting and preparation of publications related to the research results of the project.