Overview of tulip areas in Greece

Initially, a bibliographic investigation and review of scientific databases of the internet was performed in order to accurately determine the different areas of occurrence of the wild-growing tulip species of Greece.

The JACQ herbaria database was primarily used which contains dried sample information from> 40 electronic herbaria (ADMONT, B, BAK, BATU, BP, BRNU, CBH, CHER, DR , ERE, FT, GAT, GJO, GZU, HAL, HERZ, JE, KIEL, KFTA, KUFS, LAGU, LECB, LW, LWKS, LWS, LZ, MJG, NBSI, OLD, PAV, PI, PIAGR, PRC, TBI , TGU, TMRC, TUB, UBT, W, WU, WUP, acronyms according to Index Herbariorum Abbreviations).

Based on the information found in the electronically deposited specimens, the following interactive map was created in a web GIS environment:

Indicative map of the presence of native populations of tulip species in Greece based on available information of herbarium specimens (coloured boxes indicate areas of wild populations of Greek tulips with no electronically available data for their geographical location).