The ornamental industry is always in quest of ‘new’ choices. Tulips are famous ornamental plants worldwide. TULIPS.GR establishes for the first time in Greece the necessary conditions for the creation of a value chain centred to the 15 Greek tulips (12 native ones).

The present project focuses on the production of high added value ornamental products through an integrated approach which includes: rescue collections of wild material, sustainable ex situ conservation schemes, production of well-documented propagation material, development of species-specific propagation and cultivation protocols in different areas with innovative precision fertilizers, and post-harvest investigation of fresh cut flowers.

By targeting the Greek native tulips, the scientific approach aims to provide an example for the promotion of sustainable exploitation practices in the primary sector regarding the unique floristic richness of Greece. The proposal introduces five new competitive ornamental products (flower crops, potted plants) with low needs derived from the unique Greek biodiversity, offering opportunities for synergies with producers and associations.