ELGO Dimitra

Hellenic Agricultural Organization Demeter, Institute of Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources (IPBGR) 

IPBGR is the Coordinator of the whole project. The IPBGR has long experience in research related to ex situ conservation, reproduction-multiplication, breeding and genetic improvement, multifaceted evaluation and phytochemical or genetic characterization of the native plants of Greece. IPBGR has undertaken the implementation of botanical collections, the molecular identification of Greek tulip species, the design of experiments and pilot cultivation in the field and greenhouse, the application of experimental design, fertilization regimes, seed germination trials, flower productivity assessment and all the measurements required for the development of propagation and cultivation protocols. Throughout the project, the IPBGR will ensure the ex situ conservation of the tulip species collected from the wild in mother plantations, the Balkan Kroussia Botanical Garden (BBKK), the tissue culture bank and the seed bank. IPBGR will also contribute to the dissemination of research results to the production base, the general public and the scientific community and will play a leading role in writing and publishing the results of the project in reputable scientific peer-reviewed journals.

The researchers that participate in the IPBGR team are:

G. Tsoktouridis (scientifically responsible)
N. Krigas (coordinator) 
K. Grigoriadou 
E. Maloupa  
P. Ralli 
I. Sperdouli  
A. Tsaballa 
G. Tsaniklidis

Also participating are the following staff members:
K. Papanastasi
S. Papakonstantinou
E. Grigoriadou
E. Valanas