Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Agriculture, Laboratory of Soil analysis (AUTh)

AUTh team contributes with know-how to the analysis of macro- and microelements, the variability of which in plant tissues is monitored before and during precision fertilization of Greek tulips. AUTh team has undertaken the analyses of the soil of the selected fields as well as the analyses of the soil samples from the rhizosphere of the plants during the experiments and from the wild. AUTh has undertaken all the experiments regarding tulip mycorrhiza as well as their molecular identification, participates in the preparation and submission of scientific publications and in the dissemination actions, and collaborates with all other project partners to implement the deliverables on schedule.
The AUTh team includes:

Professor Dr. Th. Matsi (scientifically responsible for AUTh)
Assistant Professor Dr. I. Ypsilantis
Associate Professor Dr. G. Menexes