The collection of the initial material for the selected tulip species (live plants, dormant bulbs, seeds) was done using the special collection permit of the Institute of Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources and efforts were made to avoid any adverse effects on wild-growing plant populations.
Typical spring sampling: Collected individuals placed in pots, samples of mycorrhiza (plastic containers with lids), soil sample (plastic bag) and leaf sample for foliar diagnostic (paper bag) regarding Tulipa orphanidea from Arkadia, Peloponnese.
Typical summer sampling: Ripe capsules of Tulipa orhpanidea from Megali Panagia, Chalkidiki (right) and T. undulatifolia from Didyma, Argolida (center, bottom) as well as dormant bulbs of T. raddii from Chios (top) and T. gulimyi from Laconia, Peloponnese (bottom left).